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How to Create Powerful Technical Sales Literature

The  How to Create Powerful Technical Literature  manual

 61 A4 (US letter size) pages with 33 illustrations

Everything you need to know about how to write good sales copy and produce an effective document. It takes you step-by-step through a logical process which results in extremely effective sales brochures, advertisements and generates good content for websites.

In business, sooner or later, you are going to face the task of writing sales documents - letters, proposals, brochures, advertisements, presentations, speeches. Unless you are prepared for it, you'll find any of these tasks difficult and time-consuming. It's also worrying, if you care about the outcome, because It's not easy to know if your piece is going to work.

Instead of staring at a blank sheet of paper or computer screen feeling frustrated as time ticks away, this manual will show you a straightforward way to write sales pieces which are highly effective.

And although it doesn't promise to make you a creative genius, there are many sources of inspiration included to help you come up with good ideas.

You'll also discover some fascinating tricks of the trade - layouts which get much higher readership, how to reduce your printing costs, ways to increase your response rate etc.

In my company, we've critiqued dozens of sales letters and brochures and worked with many clients on their documents. From all that exposure, it is evident that sales writing in UK technology companies is generally poor. We've looked hard for examples of good technical sales literature to use in the courses, but found that most of it is full of basic faults.

A large part of the cause is that there is little formal education in the subject. And because there are so many examples of bad practice around, it has become self-perpetuating.

This manual is my attempt to tackle the problem. The ideas you'll find are based on practical experience and testing. I've tried to make the approach as close to a scientific process as possible - meaning, whoever you are, whatever your product or service, for any type of sales document, just apply the method correctly and you can be confident that the resulting piece will achieve good results.

Within the conservative environment of technology, you'll be giving yourself a huge competitive advantage.


  1. Define exactly what you want your piece to achieve.

  2. Common problem #1.

  3. How will you know if it is working?

  4. Accountability.

  5. Frequently Voiced Objections.

  6. Who are you targeting?

  7. Describe a good prospect.

  8. Why might they buy?

  9. What Stick & Carrot means.

  10. The power of the negative.

  11. Three proven formulae for a sales message.

  12. Problem. Promise, Proof, Call to Action.

  13. Will it really work?

  14. Benefits and Features

  15. The So What? test.

  16. Logic doesn't sell, Emotion does.

  17. Proof.

  18. Antidotes to foreseeable objections.

  19. Risk Reversal.

  20. Call to Action.

  21. Make it easy.

  22. Reason not to procrastinate.

  23. Power of the deadline.

  24. Language issues.

  25. Making it easy to read and understand.

  26. The rules of Plain English.

  27. Positive vocabulary and enthusiasm.

  28. Humour.

  29. A.I.D.A

  30. Attention.

  31. The headline.

  32. Headline readability

  33. Effective ways to attract your prospect s attention.

  34. Interest.

  35. Desire.

  36. Action.

  37. Another version of the sales message formula.

  38. You Factor .

  39. Why should they choose you? What s your Unique Selling Proposition?

  40. Getting your message in front of your target.

  41. Visual issues.

  42. Easy eye route.

  43. Z-pattern eye-scan.

  44. White space.

  45. Editing is murder.

  46. The high-prestige brochure.

  47. Choice of typeface – examples

  48. Increasing readability.

  49. Graphic interest boosters.

  50. Colour choices.

  51. Visual problems.

  52. Designeritis .

  53. Visual clutter and DIY.

  54. If it works, stick with it.

  55. Dominating logo.

  56. PS position.

  57. Power vocabulary.

  58. Sales letter template.

  59. Copy Issues.

  60. How to find and correct faults.

  61. Sales literature checklist. 

The How to Create Powerful Technical Sales Literature Manual comes in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. 

When your credit card is authorized you will receive an order confirmation via email and instant access to download your manual from the web. There are 3 sections, in total 3.4MB.

A charge of $37.00 USD United States Dollars (equal to approx £20.65 UK Pounds) will appear on your credit card statement. Sales tax is charged in addition in some countries. There are no other costs.

Once you press the order link below you will be able to download immediately.

Click here to order How to Create Powerful Technical Sales Literature


I guarantee that you will like my books. If you don't agree, I will refund your money immediately, without question.


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A charge of $97.00 USD United States Dollars (equal to approx 67 GB Pounds) will appear on your credit card statement. Sales tax is in addition in some countries. There are no other charges.




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Comments about the Selling for Engineers manuals             

I recently downloaded your book Selling for Engineers, which I found very useful.

I d like to get a copy of "Sales Prospecting for Engineers" .   

IT Executive, Brisbane, Australia.  

 (His company policy doesn't permit me to say who he is or the corporation he works for, but when you think of the oldest and biggest computer company in the world, which one comes to mind?)


* * *

Dear Mr. Seviour

I have just read your two books, "Selling for Engineers" and "How to Create Powerful Technical Sales Literature". I found them both full of extremely wise pointers and comments. I believe the principles presented by the books are absolutely right!

Congratulations on the books. 

Paul Bentley, PJB Business Development  


* * *

. . . . The price is absolutely reasonable. . . .  

Rolf K. Bratli  

* * *

"I recently read a book entitled Prospecting for Engineers by Robert Seviour. It was written in simple, plain English and made a lot of sense from a practical point of view (totally the opposite to a lot of theoretical business books I have tried to read). I got the impression he is a very, practical, down to earth sort of guy."  


Mark Robinson, Managing Director, Starret Precision Optical Ltd.  




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