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The Selling for Engineers Manual

The Selling for Engineers manual

 57 A4 (US letter size) pages, many illustrations.


Topic headings

The importance of sales
The symptoms of weak sales ability
Comparison of a 'sales-led' versus a 'product-led' company
An ethical approach to sales
Should we hire a science graduate and train him/her to sell?
The reason why most 'techies' are not 'natural' sales people
What 'techies' really think about selling - the negative stereotype
The personality traits needed for sales
Inter-personal skills
Sales basics for beginners
The 'Old Way' of selling versus the 'New Way'
Common faults
When your are the customer, what do you look for in a salesperson?
Why does anybody buy anything? A fundamental understanding
The 'ideal' sales personality
How to prospect for new business
Prospecting methods - mail, phone, visits, email, fax, exhibitions, referrals
How to write an effective sales letter
What to say on the phone
'Qualifying' the prospect
Dealing with common problems
Setting appointments
Meeting the prospect - the sales interview
How to deal with different personality types
Discovering the buying motivations
Two key words to obtain strategic information
Professional listening
The sales presentation
A 4 stage formula which gives you the best chance of success
The trap of the friendly, helpful buyer
Presenting to academics and experts
Asking for the order
Closing the sale
Seven classic closes
Good answers to difficult objections, including
- 'It's too expensive'
- 'I'm getting other quotes'
- We're happy with our existing supplier'
- 'I want to think about it'
Dealing with 'difficult' buyers
- The aggressive/dominant type
- Indecisive people
Handling rejection
Common reasons for lack of sales success - and what to do about them
Building your confidence
Self-limiting beliefs and how to neutralise them
How to stay motivated
The only way to get out of a 'slump'
Self-limiting beliefs and your 'Circle of Influence'
A refresher for older / experienced sales people
Guiding principles for Sales Managers
How to win repeat business.
Professional complaint-handling
How to grow fast but stay successful long-term
The reasons for the rise and fall of companies
The 'Sales Process Flow Chart'

When your credit card is authorized you will receive an order confirmation via email and instant access to download your manual from the web.


The manual is supplied as an ebook in .pdf format. A charge of $37.00 USD United States Dollars (equal to approx 24 GBP) will appear on your credit card statement. Sales tax is in addition in some countries. There are no other charges.

I guarantee that you will like my books. If you don't agree, I will refund your money immediately, without question.


Discounted package - the complete 5 volume set, save $88

These five manuals, priced individually at $37, give you all the strategies you need for success in technical sales. Download all five of these technical sales development manuals now for the discounted price of $97 for the set. Click the links for details of each.


       How to Hire a Good Technical Salesman manual

How to Create Powerful Technical Sales Literature manual    How to Motivate Sales People manual   Sales Prospecting for Engineers manual


Selling for Engineers

Prospecting for Engineers

How to Hire a Good Technical Salesman

How to Create Powerful Technical Sales Literature

How to Motivate Sales People - without spending a lot of money

Complete 5 volume set

The manuals are supplied as ebooks in .pdf format. A charge of $97.00 USD United States Dollars (equal to approx £63.62 UK Pounds) will appear on your credit card statement. Sales tax is in addition in some countries. There are no other charges. Once you press the order link below you will be able to download immediately.


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Comments about the Selling for Engineers manual            

I recently downloaded your book Selling for Engineers, which I found very useful.

I'd like to get a copy of "Sales Prospecting for Engineers" .   

IT Executive, Brisbane, Australia.  

 (His company policy doesn't permit me to say who he is or the corporation he works for, but when you think of the oldest and biggest computer company in the world, which one comes to mind?)


* * *

Dear Mr. Seviour

I have just read your two books, "Selling for Engineers" and "How to Create Powerful Technical Sales Literature". I found them both full of extremely wise pointers and comments. I believe the principles presented by the books are absolutely right!

Congratulations on the books. 

Paul Bentley, PJB Business Development  


* * *

. . . . The price is absolutely reasonable. . . .  

Rolf K. Bratli  

* * *

Dear Robert,

We were delighted with the manuals.  

At our last marketing meeting I said that I was so pleased that I would be getting in touch with you. It was the realisation that you are not a large company but a small company that has put an awful lot of effort into a very good product. 

I took your manuals into the first marketing meeting and left it with them. At the second review meeting the Production Director found them so good that he couldn"t put them down.  

The conscience consideration (we could have quite easily put it through the automatic copier and then sent them back to you with a note saying we are not interested) was not allowed by virtue of the fact that they were so good and we were delighted with them.  

When you are driving a company forward some tools are useful and some are essential. These manuals are not only good value for money but they fill all the gaps we have been looking for.  

Colin Dawson, Managing Director, Daletech Electronics Ltd  

"I recently read a book entitled Prospecting for Engineers by Robert Seviour. It was written in simple, plain English and made a lot of sense from a practical point of view (totally the opposite to a lot of theoretical business books I have tried to read). I got the impression he is a very, practical, down to earth sort of guy."  


Mark Robinson, Managing Director, Starret Precision Optical Ltd.  

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